Artwave North


A group of artists based in the North East of England


"Diverse by style, but with a shared passion for art"

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Alison Gall


"I am inspired by our beautiful surrounding countryside. I enjoy painting landscapes and seascapes through the changing seasons. My favourite medium is oil paint but I also like using soft pastels and gouache."


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Jenny Green


"I find painting an oasis of peace in a busy life. I have experimented with various media and particularly enjoy oils and watercolour."


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Bev Haines


"What joy and excitement I have found through art since my retirement, visiting galleries and museums, attending exhibitions and museums, going to art college and university, and revelling in an array of workshops.

I have had such great pleasure in becoming more familiar with the wide variety of people making wonderful art, both now and in the past. Best of all and most joyful, are all the friends I have made through the medium of art. I have been so blessed"


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Sheila Harris


"For as long as I can remember, I have sketched, drawn and painted. I have experimented with various media, including pencil, ink, water colours and oils. Recently I have drawn using pastels. I was born very close the the sea on the headland at Hartlepool, and now that I live inland I appreciate the inspiration provided by our beautiful North East coastline."


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Chris Higgins


"I have been drawing and painting since I was at school but my work was restricted to copying photos and so when I retired, I decided to push the creative boat out and took a Fine Art Degree. Things are more liberated now as I try to focus on creative themes. I look for drama in the local landscape with my camera and then try to refine it in paint. At the same time I still enjoy abstract work and mark making and will go in any direction that interests me. I find it stimulating to exhibit with friends and fellow artists, to be taught and to sell my work."


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Anna Linford


"I was born in Ischia, an island in the Bay of Naples of an Italian mother and English father. Having lived in many different parts of the world, my influences are varied. I like to try different ways of trying to capture light and atmosphere in all my paintings."


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Anthony Magrys


"My formal art education finished in my 2nd year of secondary school. I became a founder member of the Open Arts Studio in 2006. I am a member of Artwave North and Blimey !, I have exhibited at the Lindisfarne Gospels in Durham in 2013"


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Paul Nugent


"The implications and saturation of the work within the mixed media and found objects.

The intuitive making is the essence of my working,painting, its the colour and balance

of the abstract brush strokes. And are notified of the end."



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Tilly Shaw


"Following an inspiring US Diploma course in the 1980s I embarked on running workshops from home teaching ceramics and glazing techniques, and with a business partner, run my own gallery. "

"Recently I attended a watercolour class which encouraged me to paint on paper again, rather than clay, which I hadn't done since school. I paint what appeals to me and work from inspiration, imagination and photos."


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Janet Teasdale


'' I have always had a passion for art - from the restrictions of working as a graphic artist in industry through the 'freeing up' process of a Fine Art degree - I now enjoy it as a means of self expression.''


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Pauline Young


"Told as a teenager that art was not a useful subject to study, I lived a sensible life until I retired. Now, with child-like enthusiasm, I explore all kinds of mediums - paint, clay, fibres, textiles - to capture memories of the Northern landscape, from Iona to Lindisfarne and Minster Acres to the Yorkshire Dales."

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"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Albert Einstein